The Road to AI requires a Semantic Data Fabric

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Business success depends heavily on the ability to make effective use of data. The first step towards this data-driven culture is data access, but many organizations have data silos that hinder this effort.

The “Semantic Data Fabric” is a new solution to data silos that combines the best-of-breed technologies, data catalogs and knowledge graphs, based on Semantic AI. With a semantic data fabric, companies can combine text and documents (unstructured) with data residing in relational databases and data warehouses (structured) to create a much more comprehensive and accurate view of their customers, employees, products, and other vital areas of business.

Driven by a joint passion for knowledge graph technologies, and PoolParty, two leading metadata management platforms, have teamed up to provide a powerful semantic data fabric solution and prepared a series of webinars for guide you through their solution.

The webinar series ‘The Road to AI requires a Semantic Data Fabric’ offers four sessions in which you will learn from what a semantic data fabric is to what the applications of this technology are in real-world scenarios.


The Road to AI requires a Semantic Data Fabric


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