SEMANTiCS Video Forum 2020

Even though we have had to cancel our conferences in April and September 2020, we are now keen to broadcast a sign of activity and vitality to and from the sector. With the SEMANTICS VIDEO FORUM, we are planning for a crisp evening assembling short snapshots on developments from academic and industry of the recent month. To keep continuity for 2020 we are happy to welcome you - free of charge - to the SEMANTICS VIDEO FORUM on September 9. 

SEMANTiCS VIDEO FORUM is a child of a conference series where technology professionals, industry experts, researchers and decision makers can learn about new technologies, innovations and enterprise implementations in the fields of Linked Data and Semantic AI. Since 2005, the series has focused on semantic technologies, which are today together with other methodologies such as NLP and machine learning the core of intelligent systems. We continue also during the times of the pan-epidemic with the SEMANTICS VIDEO FORUM.

Why should I attend?

  • We go beyond buzzwords. SEMANTiCS is the only European conference at the intersection of research and industry.
  • At this conference, you will really learn something. Discover the newest research insights, explore enterprise solutions and learn implementation stories of leading companies.
  • At SEMANTiCS you may look beyond your professional boundaries. This diversity will awaken your creativity and open up new opportunities.
  • SEMANTICS VIDEO FORUM keeps you informed and in touch in times where personal and professional contacts are hard to maintain.