Lessons from Exploring Semantic Technology in Intuit’s Enterprise Data Strategy

Video Forum

  • Our enterprise data challenges: siloed data, inconsistent representation, and varies levels of quality
  • Our vision and strategy to build a clean data platform in an incremental way: clean data definition, paved road data pipeline to cleanse data, tools automation for the single representation of data, data type standardization, single source of truth entities, and relationship, supporting contextual variability and extension.
  • The potential role Semantic Technology could play: elevate clean model to a semantic fit-for-purpose rich knowledge graph
  • Our lessons from early exploration: value proposition, developer experiences, and adoption.
  • Opportunities to the Semantic Technology Industry: standardization, practical application to large scale data, e2e solution and developer experience, and adoption.


Lessons from Exploring Semantic Technology in Intuit's Enterprise Data Strategy


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