Exploring Industry 4.0 Standards with the Ontotext Platform

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With the coming of Industry 4.0 and the continuing digitization of manufacturing, construction, oil & gas, automotive etc, a large number of relevant standards have been proposed, approved, put through use cases and interoperability exercises, and some of them found massive adoption in the industry. Older established standards have been integrated or "semanticized", i.e. harmonized using semantic integration techniques. ISO 15926, in development for nearly 30 years, has been touted as the "lingua franca" for global interoperability, but its complexity is difficult for most people to master. The standards landscape is large and puzzling; thanks to the so-called Industry 4.0 Knowledge Graph (formerly Standards Ontology) one can get a good overview and categorization of such relevant standards.

We demonstrate a simple way to access Industry 4.0 standards using GraphQL through the Ontotext Platform. The latter features GraphQL interfaces to make it easier for application developers to access knowledge graphs without tedious development of back-end APIs or complex SPARQL. The underlying Semantic Object service implements an efficient GraphQL to SPARQL translation optimized for GraphDB, as well as a generic configurable security model.


Exploring Industry 4.0 Standards Graph using GraphQL mapped to SPARQL


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