“Graph Data Exploration of the Crunchbase Relational Database”, implemented with the timbr SQL Knowledge Graph platform.

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timbr is the SQL Knowledge Graph platform that enables creation of virtual semantic knowledge graphs mapped to your databases. With timbr, users can create and explore ontologies visually and in SQL, map ontologies to existing databases and external data sources, query the knowledge graph in SQL, Spark, Python, R, Java or Scala, visualize and traverse relational data as a graph, use graph algorithms on top of relational data to solve complex problems and create charts and dashboards with popular BI tools or with timbr’s BI module.

Graph data exploration is a standard feature of graph databases. timbr introduces for the first time graph data exploration over any database, so users can visualize and traverse relational data as a web of relationships. The presentation explores a use case of the open source Crunchbase database snapshot of 2013. Crunchbase is a platform for finding information about investments made by VCs and angels. The database of this use case is stored in MySQL and consists of 11 tables. The virtual ontology consists of 67 concepts.


CrunchBase SQL Knowledge Graph by timbr.ai


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